Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Dec 2 & 3

Okay - I missed a day, but I didn't feel like straining my eye on the computer so I've combined them. My eye is much better today.

This photo template comes from Pink Ink and I used it for two of my photos I'll be putting in my JYC. I'm really loving those templates that their talented designers are creating.
The photo on the left is the collection of props for this year's Christmas card.
The photo on the right are my treasured ornaments that used to hang on my grandma's shiny silver tinsel tree. I kept them put away for years so that my kids wouldn't get their slippery little hands on them. Now I fill a giant apothecary jar displaying them in my dining room. The one box still has the original lid with a hand-written price (in pencil) of $1.29. I imagine that was probably a lot way back when, but I'm so glad that my grandma kept them all so nice.
I'm really loving any mercury glass that I see and there is a lot of it out this year. Maybe I should buy some pieces, leave the price tags on them so my granddaughters can cherish them someday.

I wonder if blogging will be obsolete for them?

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Anonymous said...

Taking the Shiny Brites out to do Uncle Joe's tree always reminds me of Grandma's tinsel tree too, and of warm Christmas memories - those beauties hold a special memory for all of us I would imagine. A time gone by and a memory that is so sweet.

Thanks Pal!