Sunday, December 28, 2008

3 C's of Christmas

Let me start by saying that I take SNAPSHOTS at Christmas.
Among all the Confusion, Chaos, and Clutter of this holiday
I can hardly get anything other than a quick shot of the moment.
But I don't mind. Each of these makes me smile.

This is little Devon holding Presley. She was playing patty-cake with her until she started crying. Devon politely shoved her off her lap. Here is my little pal, Kelly. He is going to be my assistant some day.
Cousins.....Kelly, Peyton, Lexi, Devon, Brett, Chloe, Katie, and Presley.
Peyton loves his great Uncle Rol. He's got a great fishing lake with huge fish!

My nephew, David, with his baby girls Kaliegh and Kayleigh
Presley thinks three is a crowd on her blankie.
Baby aerobics.

This was the beautiful sunset on Christmas Day. Can you just imagine Florida in the distance?

Presley was all smiles.

Peyton was so happy with his super duper nerf blaster gun.

Chloe was glued to her new desk.

Peyton and Presley all dressed up for Grandma MaryAnnies on Christmas Eve.

Family photo op.
They are ready to go - will there be more presents?

Nicki, Baby Jade, Grandma Sharon, and Presley.

Eric, Cindy, Courtney, and little Grace. All shots of her are a blur......she's a work in motion!

Peyton showing his Grandpa his new Boy Scout Swiss Army knife. Good thing Aunt Cindy gave this to him. I would have been in hot water.

Just hanging out with the family. See Grace in motion again?

All Tim wanted for Christmas was a nap. Sara's shoulder made a soft pillow.

Presley crashed for a while too.

Will someone please give me a 100 watt bulb for my new Easy Bake oven?

Bird's eye view - just a little piece of the holiday season I was blessed with this year.
Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!

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Rita said...

Hello Pam -- looks like you had a wonderful holiday season!

I just wanted to stop by and wish you a very happy 2009. I hope it's absolutely wonderful! ((HUGS))