Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Holiday Nostalgia

Before the Hallmark ornaments were around my mother had her own way of giving my sister and I our own special shiny orb to hang on the tree. Each year she got out the Elmer's glue, a jar of multi-colored glitter and some plain, round ornaments. She would then write our name and the last two digits of the year with the glue and shake the glitter over it until every bit was covered.
I don't have all of mine since some of them were broken. Not sure what year she stopped making these, but I'm glad I have this small collection. Oh look! Another "self-portrait in the reflection of a golden ornament" shot! Last one, I promise.

To the side of my front door sits this old wooden sled. It's not really mine, but as close as Glen could find to the original one (mine) that he threw out during our last move. He combed the antique (gasp!) stores to find this one. It looks identical, but it doesn't have my initials and address scribbled on the underside. I might do that one of these days.

9 more sleeps!

I'm so glad my friend, J, finally got her tree up.

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Loydene said...

Get your mother to write your initial and former - and current - address on the sled!