Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Dec 9th

So, I've let a few days go by and haven't kept my promise to blog daily this month.
Do I need to even say how busy we all get in December?
I'm trying though.
Today I put the finishing touches on the front porch decor.
It looks so Christmas-y!
I wish I had added just one more electrical outlet when we built this house.
I don't remember how I plugged in my lit wreaths on the windows.
Oh, well. Glen will get it done for me.
This evening we all attended Peyton's school Christmas concert.
It was all of the fourth graders playing their recorders (or flutiphones, as they used to be called).
They were wonderful! I watched Peyton's little fingers move over the holes, making music, without looking at his sheet one time! After the concert I asked him how he knew the songs.
He told me that he just did. I guess he gets that from my mom and her mom. They both played the piano beautifully.
Went to Joe & Abby's after the concert (they watched the baby) for pizza.
Their house is so warm and decorated all pretty for Christmas.
I love their tree! It even has several wrapped presents underneath.
Mine has a tree skirt. That's it.

Now that everyone is in bed here, I was able to have some play time.
First thing I did was download this new set of actions that were generously
provided by Pioneer Woman

I decided to use this photo I happened to have already open in PS.
Here is the SOCC photo. Pretty cute kid, huh? After running PW's Heartland and Boost (from set 1) actions, I added this
frame from Pink Ink Studios.

Doesn't this look like something you would have received, oh say, maybe 50 years ago?

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