Friday, January 02, 2009

Mom gets the shots

I set my mom up with a Canon Digital Elph about a year ago. She's the one who captures all the memories around here and it was time to get her up to date with her camera equipment.
A minor detail I forgot to think through. She doesn't know how to "download" or what a "CF Card" is or where it goes for that matter. I'm just happy that she's finally figured out how to recharge the camera's battery.
Last night I retrieved her card and downloaded 199 photos from the end of November until this New Year's eve. I sent them to Costco (who does a beautiful job) for printing. Amazing that they had them ready to be picked up after noon today. They are a great lab!
Looking through them, I realized that she captures shots that I am too tired to get, or just miss because I have to haul my gear out, or don't see because I'm doing something else. Here are just a couple of the ones I would have missed.......
Winter drive-in movie night. They have to drive the "mini-van" indoors because we don't have room for double parking inside. Plush blanket, soft pillows, popcorn and they are set. This was taken on New Year's eve. I was cleaning up the kitchen. Mom got the shot. Two of my very favorite baby girls. Sweet baby Grace got to hold our little Presley. She was so gentle with her. Of course I was in the kitchen cooking so I missed seeing this. Mom got the shot.

Another night my little pal came over in one of my favorite shirts. I was too busy washing my hands so I could hold her. Mom got the shot.

I am marking my calendar to upload her photos every two weeks from now on.
It makes me smile to see the things I missed while busy with other things.
I'm glad that my mom gets those shots.


Loydene said...

Pam dearest -- Marianne also gets the shots because she has a camera that doesn't have all the bells and whistles and because she will accept a "snapshot"! Your photographic sensibilities are more artistic ... you want the portrait!
But ... as you can see ... there is room for both and I'm sure these pix will always be treasured ... not only for the wonderful subjects... but because Marianne "got" them!
Love you

Anonymous said...

Ditto LAB! Kudos Grams for some precious moments. Thanks for sharing Gram's pics with us too Pal! Happy New Year to all!