Tuesday, August 05, 2008


As I was printing some recent photos today
I was struck by how my babies' babies blended with them,
almost as if they were one.......

For instance, I shot this of Amy and Chloe the other morning (at 7am!) on a little adventure before school. Amy wanted to show Chloe this hidden lake that she had found with millions of lily pads and swimming turtles. Chloe wanted to tell her mommy something that I couldn't hear (probably how lovely I looked at that early morning hour).

Then there is this set of bookends.
This is like deja vu. This baby looks so much like her mommy when she was born (except for that full head of dark hair).
I think I've found my framed set of prints for the month.

I got to babysit the little miss today - all by myself - nobody else at home - just me and the babe.
The poor thing didn't know what was coming when she watched Grandma proceed to move furniture, pull back drapes, open doors, and hang backdrops. Then out came the wooden bowls!
She decided to go to sleep and hope that it was all over soon.
Here's one of my favs from our little session.

I just can't stay away from this little girl. Today she was 2 weeks old and I haven't missed a day of seeing her yet. I wonder what she's doing right now?

Maybe I'll run over and find out.


Anonymous said...

Precious Pal! All of your girls are so beautiful, what a blessing.

Anonymous said...

I never noticed before how much Lindsey has your dads chin till seeing her with the baby laying on her chest. Great Grandpa watching over his girls.

Anonymous said...

The picture of Amy & Chloe look just like twins, same color hair and hands on their cheeks. Just darling pictures.

Rita said...

You are such a great mom and grandma -- all of your girls are just beautiful.