Monday, August 11, 2008

Today was a Happy Day

Trying to get family photos is a big challenge for me.
Nobody wants to cooperate anymore.
They all seem to think I have enough photos of them.
What a silly thought. I have to record every occassion and gathering.
Tonight was "boys for burgers" night.
I love all of my nephews. I love to feed them even more.
But they have to pay for their dinner by smiling for the camera.
Here's where we started tonight.
Clowning around in Wonderland. Okay - the tire swing is not going to work. Joey can't jump on, Eric is too tall, and Tommy won't let it be still.
Alright - quit pushing Eric. Just stand together and still.
The tire swing is still in the way......move to the left.
I meant YOU BOYS move to the left.

Guess I'll have to be happy with this because right after this shot........
Guess who came to dinner??????

Abby grabbed her first.
She didn't want to let her go......

but she didn't have much choice. Uncle Joey is a baby hog.My other little buddies wanted to test out the Grandma Queen chair to see if we all fit.

So far, so good.Then the great gram got ahold of her.

She really looks like her daddy in this shot.

Just when she got all cozy with great gram, in comes Grandpa. He thought she'd like a game of pat-a-cake. She wasn't sure if that was fun or not. She stuck her tounge out at him. But he didn't give up.

They kept on playing until it was time for her evening meal.

Happy 3 week birthday little girl. We sure like having you around.


Rita said...

Hi Pam -- remember me?? Congrats on the new grandbaby -- she is so precious!

I love your blog -- it just screams family, love, togetherness, happiness -- thanks for providing such a bright spot to visit.

I hope all is well -- miss chatting online with you!


Pam said...

OF COURSE I remember you, Rita!
How are you doing? Thank you for your sweet comments. Drop me a pm, okay?