Monday, August 04, 2008

This and That

What? No photos of the bebe'? Not today. Tomorrow I'll have some.
In the meantime, here's my latest self-portrait.
I have a new gazing ball, all pink and shiny. It makes for a nice fisheye effect.
Here I am, surrounded by the pumpkin vines that are overtaking the southern side of our house.
Chloe is a growing machine, she says. This little Doo-Doo bird keeps watch over all things growing in her garden.
one of my pretty orange flowers
and one of the pink gerbra daisies.......
this is for Abby, who has been visiting her sister in Tuscon this weekend.
I'll be glad when she gets back home. We miss her.


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Anonymous said...

Tell Chlo to call me she sets up her pumpkin stand. I wonder, is she growing any pie pumpkins, hmmmm. ;D Tell her when I come a pie pan refill the cost will be a pumpkin patch tour. Lol!