Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Big Chill

Isn't this a beautiful sunset?
I took it while illegally parked down along the river.
Across the road there was an open field with over 20 deer grazing.
It was all just breathtaking.
It's hard to imagine that there is beauty to be found
in the frigid temperatures we are having.
Glen found this for me and I went back late yesterday to shoot it.
It is my statement of January.

Tomorrow I will be sharing on of the most thoughtful,
nicest gifts that I received for my birthday.
It came from my very best friend,
who also shares her birthday with me.
Happy belated birthday Colleen.
Hope you enjoy your books as much
as I will enjoy your gift!

Another birthday shout out to my friend, Kayte.
She also shares the same birthday as me.

Go Capricorn girls!

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