Friday, January 01, 2010

Welcome 2010

My mother was sweet enough to notice that I had brought my camera along
when we had to run out to do some errands.
After the errands were done, she asked me if I had wanted to take some photos.
Of course, if she didn't mind driving in the snow. (she's getting pretty brave)
I had this place in mind to shoot the big old tree.
What a bonus it was when she went down a side road, looking for a good
spot to park, that these four beautiful horses were feeding!
As I was aiming my camera out the window, the black one in the
pretty red coat turned, looked straight at me, as if to pose.
It was as if he was saying "Here you go. Take this photo that will get
you really excited. I'm not going to stand here all day like this."

Thank you, black beauty! What a great way to start my 2010 portfolio!

Happy New Year to All.

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