Saturday, January 02, 2010

Miles of Memories

Ode to Chloe's Pink Shoes

These little pink shoes, so loved and so cherished
Had to be put to rest as the shine did perish.
Sadly, they no longer fit the little girl who loved them so.
They took her many places, with so many more to go.
One day they were shiny and new
but the miles were hard on those pink shoes.
They traveled to school, on field trips, to church,
shopping, and movies, then home on their perch.
They jumped rope, rode a bike,
fast on a scooter, took many hikes.
They were good sturdy shoes for the girl's little feet
but now it is time
for this little shrine
to be put in the scrapbook of mine.

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Anonymous said...

this brought a tear to my eyes and a smile to my lips, what a sweet post about such a sweet little girl. our angels are growing up aren't they, T got her braces today. give C a hug for me.