Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Chef Academy

For years my sister's culinary skills have been, how can I say this nicely,
a little below sub-standard level.
Take the time that she proudly served pork chops that had been
breaded with Raisin Bran (she thought it was like Corn Flakes).
Not to mention that my nieces and nephews thought for years
that the smoke alarm was the dinner bell.
You can imagine the shock and delighted surprise I had
when she proudly walked in with this beautiful platter of
home-made items.
And they were GOOD! I mean really good!
For two weeks she would come home from work every day
and bake or make some kind of treat.
All of us got something, but I think mine was the best.
I'm so proud of you, little sister!
Just wait until next Thanksgiving.
No more "just bring soda" for you.
I, on the other hand, have always loved to cook and bake.
When I saw the movie Julie & Julia I just had to get my hands
on that cookbook.
Let me just say.........this book was published in 1961 when most
women were home all day and could start dinner at 1 o'clock in
the afternoon.
I planned a special meal for my special husband.
His favorite vegetable is asparagus.
According to Julia, asparagus is no good unless it is peeled.
By hand. With a paring knife.
I had bought 2 bunches, so it took me 45 minutes just to do that task.
I soaked them in one pot as I peeled them, while a second pot
was on the stove with the water preparing to boil for cooking.
After ransacking the house for twine, I tied the asparagus into
their little bundles and dropped them in the pot.
On to the hollandaise sauce.
Actually, mine turned out perfect the first time, but took
forever to make, and again, several dirty dishes in the making of it.
The beef was wonderful.
Add some plain buttered noodles, a salad
(with bottled dressing) and we had a wonderful meal.
Glen was absolutely impressed and appreciative.
I was exhausted. My kitchen was a disaster.
Last night we had sandwiches.

So, sister, here's to us.
I think this is what we were really cut out for anyway.
Ball gowns and (good) beer.

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Anonymous said...

What a riot, couldn't help but laugh through the whole thing.

With all of your hard work with the asparagus I was waiting to hear that Glenn told you the middle piece wasn't cooked.

Happy New Year