Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My holiday home

Things were done simply this year, due to my inability to climb a ladder
(or the basement stairs for that matter).
All in all I was happy with how the holiday spirit and a few decorations
were in my home this year.
This is what was hanging from my dining room chandelier. A little greenery
and a few of my Shiny Brite ornaments that were my grandmothers.
My antique sled that stood by the front door.
Three little frosty's.
Lindsay put the greenery on my breakfast room chandelier.
I think I might keep it up all winter. I love those snow berries.
My Santa, circa 1956.
A very simple mantle this year. Glen & I decided it would be nice to have
nothing more than our favorite photos of our dads nestled in a some snowflakes
with a few white lights. It made us happy.
This ornament makes me smile.
The Ho Ho Ho photo frames that never got any photos
looked pretty sitting on the piano.

a few of my favorite people shots from Christmas.

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