Monday, December 21, 2009


I can't believe it! I WON the contest I just blogged about!
I am sooooo excited for myself! :) A perfect weekend with Karen Carey
at her Art & Commerce Workshop! What a lucky girl I am!

No pics today, but a funny story.
My two nieces, ages 8 & 11, are staying with us for a couple days
over their Christmas holiday. Add to that Peyton, 10 and Chloe 9,
of course our little miss, 17 mos. old. We have been having a great time.
At 1pm this afternoon I was in the kitchen, still hadn't even brushed
my teeth or taken a shower yet, wearing one of Glen's flannel shirts,
my red & white snowflake pj bottoms, when the doorbell rang.

All 4 big kids ran to see who it was. They flung the door open and
one of them yelled "It's the man from TV". What? "You know that
man from TV for Christmas!" they repeated excitedly. OMG! Was
this a newsperson, did I win the Pub. Clearing house sweepstake?
What were they talking about? They kept calling me to hurry to the door.
Okay.....I'll either be humiliated or looked at like a crazy lady, or both.

I get to the door to see the Incredible Edibles delivery guy, doing
his best to keep from cracking up. It was just like the commercial
we had seen last night for those gorgeous carved fruit bouquets!
A lovely gift from our thoughtful Pittsfield folks. A delicious gift too!

So, we came in, took photos of it, then proceeded to carefully pull out
the chocolate covered strawberries, followed by grapes, cantaloupe,
and fresh pineapple.
What a welcome surprise it turned out to be.
Even if I'm not going to be on tv. (whew!)

Thanks so much, Jim & Brenda!