Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Holiday People

Another year gone by,
another Christmas gone by.
Nothing left but wrapping and trash
that won't be picked up until next Saturday.
However, I keep the smiles and warm memories
of my favorite moments all year long.
These are a few of them.
This is my little Einstein getting his laptop from mom & dad.
He was so surprised! I can't believe they kept it secret from him.
Now he wants to go to Barnes & Noble with me for the Wi-fi
(whatever that is)

Nothing makes my mom happier than a hug from one of her grandkids.
Especially this little one. She doesn't give them out too often, but great-gram
always gets one from her.
What's this? Little Miss Smarty-pants got a laptop from Santa?
You bet. Just like Ralphie in A Christmas Story who only wanted
a red ranger rifle. All Chloe wanted was a laptop.
How could Santa not see that she got one?
"Grandpa could you pretty please hook up wireless internet for me?"
(it was in the next day)
Here's that sweet little Grace with the pretty face again!
Talk about sweet.......little Lexi is one of the very sweetest girls I know.
She is my great-niece and one of Chloe's best buddies.
Honk! Honk! Outta my way!
It's the naked baby behind the wheel of her
cartoon car.
One of a set of twins. This is Kylie and her mamma.
She is my great niece also. They are adorable!
Hey! Who gave me these fake pearls?

Tomorrow.....the biggest surprise.
My sister actually baked! And it was good!

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