Friday, December 11, 2009

Road to recovery

No Parking. That's what the sign said.
The little birdie didn't pay attention.
Neither did my mother. I wanted that shot.
She parked so I could get it.
I downloaded my CF card tonight and found that I had only taken 167 photos since October 31st.
That's just not like me. I usually do that in my backyard. Half of them were taken while sitting in a wicker chair on the front lawn shooting away while my daughter power washed the front porch.
You can tell I was on drugs (legitimately, recovering from a minor surgery). So I had to throw those out right off the bat.
The ones that I'm sharing here were taken from the car as my mom was driving me around.
Bless her heart. She's been my chauffeur, nurse, maid, laundress, and cook for the past four weeks. Add to that, my photo assistant. She really wants me to get well now. It's been too long.
Back to these photos. These were taken at dusk in Cottleville, along Highway N. Those familiar with that winding road, especially at that time of day, know that there is more traffic than there should be and it's not easy to pull over or slow down to shoot which is why I've never had the opportunity to take some of these in the past.
My chauffeur found a good spot to get off the road. She even inched along and slammed her brakes on (whiplash) when I asked her, politely, to stop.

She really wants me to get well.

I am at the halfway point today.
This road to recovery has been a long one,
and I've got some new CF cards to fill.

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what about your decorater for your holidays? just kiddin about time you you