Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Another family tradition

When my sister was turning one year old, my mom and dad bought this lamb cake mold. It was her first birthday cake. In the years that followed with each of their nieces, nephews, grandchildren, or just friends, every child they knew would get this lamb cake for their first birthday. It's what they did. I remember several times, driving in the old Ford with that cake on a platter on the floor of the backseat, taking it to someone for their birthday. "Be careful not to kick the cake," mom would say. One time my sister was in a hurry to get out of the car (potty break, no doubt) and she accidentally kicked the head off the cake! OH NO! I waited to see what would happen. She immediately began to cry (her way of NOT getting yelled at was to cry - usually worked). I guess that they had this back up plan all along. My mom pulled out a little container of frosting and "glued" the head back on right there in the driveway. I don't know if anyone but the four of us knew, but I was sure glad that she got it back together.

Here we are ........several years later.......and it's time for my sister's granddaughter's first birthday. Mom, recovering this past month from a terrible back surgery, still barely able to get from her bed to the kitchen table, instructed me last night in the art of making the lamb cake. Now remember, mom just moved in with us, all her belongings still mostly packed away. So like a good daughter, I scrounged around and came out of the "warehouse" with the cake mold. I pulled that cake out of the oven at 10:30 last night, followed her explicit instructions as to how it should be cooled. This morning, as soon as she got up she wanted to get that cake frosted for the baby's party we had this evening. I was watching her, ever so gently frosting the head, the ears, the nose, gently holding the back so it wouldn't tip over. I had to get my camera. The above shot is what I got and I love it. I am going to have her write a little story telling about all the babies this cake was made for. She told me that when they bought the mold it was expensive. $1.98. I think they got their money's worth out of it.
Here is the finished the mold. I had to make a special trip out for jelly beans for the eyes, mouth and to decorate around the coconut bed she sits it in. She informed me that the coconut should have been dyed green, but I ignored that part and she let it go.
She proudly presented the lamb's head (all the babies get the head) to sweet little Grace. She touched it gently with her fingers then DOVE IN face first! It was the funniest site! Her little feet were kicking a mile a minute the entire time she was buried in this cake!
Up for air......and yes, she did go back for more.
Finally got her cleaned up and took her outside to take her one year portrait in this dress that I had given her momma for HER first birthday. Isn't she a little doll!
We love you!


Anonymous said...

What a princess pie!!! I love this post. Gram is so strong as are all the women in our family. I love you.

Anonymous said...

aaahhhh, tradition...gotta love it! Such sweet pictures!


Anonymous said...

What beauty