Friday, November 23, 2007

Getting ready for the holidays

I'm seriously getting a jump on the holidays this year. I've gotten gifts for Peyton and Chloe, a super I'll-score-points gift for my mil, KNOW what I'm getting Glen (he's the hardest to buy for), AND I'm making a journal of the holidays this year. I'm getting everything ready in advance so all I'll have to do is journal and add a photo or two each day. Here's the junk I've gathered for it. I will NOT buy any more paper - I'm working with what I've got. This is for the online class that Shimelle is teaching. Bought this book for my nervous son-in-law, "Owner's Manual for Raising a Baby". It's not a joke. It's the real thing! Has diagrams that look like something you'd see on a road sign. Thought he'd just laugh it off and tuck it away, but I found him getting all caught up in it. He was surprised to read that diapers need changing more than once a day. LOL!
This is my sweeter-than-sugar niece, Katie. She came to help me with Thanksgiving dinner and got a few pointers in the kitchen. Love love love this kid!
I didn't camp out for any bargains at the stores today. I'll pay the extra and not have to worry about emptying my bladder while hoping to get 1 of 5 laptops for $50 in a crowd of 1500 people.
To those of you who did actually brave the chaos today, I hope it was a success.


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Nancyroo said...

I love seeing everyone's goodies! Fun, fun!