Sunday, November 18, 2007

Warning: This could gross you out

Thank goodness hunting season is over. My mother-in-law can put her rosary away (well, she never can put it away because we need all the prayers we can get and thankfully she realizes that and keeps them going up for us. Bless her heart!) sweet daughter-in-law and I decided to drive to "deer camp" aka "Ritz on the Range" to see our guys. On the way she received a call from Joey. "I got my first deer!" That is in FIRST. Ever. He has just taken up the sport this year and has jumped in full-speed (and quite nicely dressed) as he does with everything. Lucky for him and his dad, cousin Ron has several hundred acres where the deer and the antelope, along with their brood, play. Glen and Joey got an invite to join them. So Abby and I pull up just as the boys were bringing in Joey's prize.
Now, for those of you who know me well just know that I am not a fan of this sport at all. Deep down in my heart I didn't think any son of mine would be able to pull the trigger on Bambi. When we got out of the car they were dragging the poor little thing out of the back of the truck. I decided it was best to use an alternate entrance and therefore I don't have a photo to share of the "kill". I do believe that one of the younger boys may have gotten one for him, but I didn't want to see it, much less have it in my photo files. So I waited until the worst was over and got a couple of shots that I could handle. Here they are............

Rob, the gourmet, making sure that Joey doesn't do anything that will cause the meat to be any less than tender (not that I'll be able to let you know about that other than heresay)
Jordon, Clayton and Joey.....the boys were so excited for him. Aren't they a handsome bunch?
I took this from outside the building as Joey was cleaning up. Not a bad place to do the dirty work, huh?
He kept checking as he was washing his hands making sure he still had his wedding ring on.
So THIS is why Glen was asking me where to get canning jars. I was thinking he wanted to make his own apple butter.................
Just after all this excitement outside, we had some excitement inside the "Ritz". Our poor Abby had a virus all week and hadn't been feeling well. All of a sudden she fainted, sitting right at the kitchen island. Thank goodness I was next to her and was able to grab her before she hit the floor. Talk about being scared! She was. I was. Glen was. JoeyREALLYwas. She's such a little thing and looked so pale. As she was coming to and feeling better it hit me that I truly do love this girl my son had the wisdom to marry. I knew that I would be able to take care of her no matter what. That is the extent of my nursing abilities. I admire those in the profession, but I can only do it for my own. I had just told her that on the drive that evening when we were talking about me taking care of my mom. Abby, if that's your way of trying to figure out how I feel about you DON'T DO THAT AGAIN! Just know that I would take care of you.
That's all. Joey and I were sitting on the bed with Abby he did tell me that he felt a little pang when he saw the deer drop. Whether he did or not, it was sweet of him to tell his mamma that.

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