Sunday, March 30, 2008

Baby, what a day!

This morning started off with Joey, Abby & their nephew, sweet baby D. picking me up for church. Normally I go to mine and they go to theirs, but this was a special day. Our good friend's babies were being christened today. Steve & Emily's baby Nicholas and Sara & Danny's baby Anna. The babies are cousins, one month apart, so they were doing a double ceremony.
Here is Steven showing us how his very smart (and isn't he cute!) Nicholas can wave. This should make Sister Mary and Sister Cathy cringe.......Steven and Joey are procreating! LOL! Actually if the Sisters are looking I have to tell you that these guys turned out pretty darn good and they hardly ever get into trouble anymore.
Baby Drew was so good during the church service. See his Aunt Abby smiling at him in the background? He's such a cutie!
Had to sneak up and catch this quick shot of little Miss Anna with her mommy and daddy. She's so pretty!
We weren't able to stay to the very end because Chloe and I had to go to a baby shower and little Drew was getting hungry and tired. Look how happy he was when he got back in his little car seat to go home. Joey called and said he took a 3 1/2 hour nap. They are going to miss him when his mom gets home from Chicago.
I had my fix on babies today but looking at these photos this evening makes me miss all of them!

We had a good time at the shower with all of my cousins and aunt. I was amazed at all the new inventions that have come on the market since we've had an infant around here. I found myself taking notes on things to pick up for Lindsay's new baby.
I am getting really excited about this baby. Seeing all that little bitty stuff today made it all seem more real. It was fun seeing her and Steph both preg at the same time. Happy that they will each have a little cousin close in age.

I have a BIG PROJECT I'm working on. Will fill in with tomorrow's post.

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