Sunday, March 02, 2008

Sweet March

Doing this for the month of March and had a lovely story for today.
After coming home from a baby shower I walked out onto the deck to find Glen pitching baseball to Peyton. Now if that doesn't give you a taste of Spring I don't know what would.
He is gearing up to play baseball this year after finally realizing that he wouldn't be hitting the ball off of a tee. He didn't like that. He wanted to play real baseball like his Uncle Joey.
Doesn't he look super-cool with his uncle's old bat across his shoulder?
Chloe changed out of her fancy "going to a shower" outfit" and got in on the action.
She was the outfielder.

That got boring, so she decided to hop on the tire swing.
Meanwhile, Peyton put his bat down and decided he was going to pitch. He's got the moves!
Couldn't get by without sharing this special moment at the baby shower.

This is Momma Mandy and her daughter, Taylor. Big Sis is so excited about the new baby brother she is going to have and her ever cool, awesome Nannie Lisa fixed up this special Big Sis Diaper Bag, complete with all the necessities that she will be needing for taking care of the little guy. She was sooooo excited and the look on her face when she opened her special gift was priceless. She is going to be a wonderful big sister - no doubt about it!

Hope you had a happy Sunday too.

I don't think this one could have been much better for me.

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