Monday, March 24, 2008

A few proofs

Sometimes I long for the days of film.
All I did was shoot, then drop off the little canister to be developed.
Now it takes hours at the computer
tweeking, cropping, and proofing.
BUT.....then I get really excited when I see
the cool things I can do, like adding frames,
changing to b&w,
popping the color.......
It really opens up a whole new world
for photography.
Here are a few of my favs that I worked on this weekend.

ET - all 6'3" of him - some fun sr. shots we did
J & M - so in love and both so attractive!
I was unable to take a bad photo of these two!

Recognize the door? It's becoming one of my favorite places to shoot.

My daughter tells me that the building is haunted. Maybe that's why it's always so stinking cold when I'm down there. You will NOT see any night time shots at this place from me!

Here's their little guy B. He is the cutest thing with a personality to match.

He was laughing at his Grandma through the window here.
Back to the proofing room.

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Anonymous said...

pretty cool how you were able to get a shot of his face through reflections