Monday, March 31, 2008

Two pots of gold

We've had nothing but rain and thunderstorms all day today. I was thinking how all the people who were flooded this past month must be feeling about even more rain as I was driving carefully around flooded roads.
I was so glad to get home where I felt warm and dry, still thinking how lucky I was to come to a dry home.
Then Chloe got very excited and started calling everyone to come look out the backyard doors.
We saw the most beautiful double rainbow I've ever seen!
I couldn't get my camera fast enough, then discovered that I still had a portrait lens attached.
Darn! Back in the house to switch lenses, finally I got outside. Here's what I shot.

This was right off my deck (with the portrait lens, before I changed it) This is only half with my lens set at 28mm.
I never could get the whole thing, but I was happy to get this with Chloe standing under it,
then looking again, in wonder, at the beautiful sight. She wanted to go find the TWO pots of gold.
Sorry, Chloe. We have to get back inside because I left the chicken cooking.
We are trying to eat healthier, lighter dinners and Chloe found this fancy way to serve the
rice pilaf in her newest cookbook.

It was good, but after everyone left the kitchen I had to sneak an oreo cookie to fill that last empty spot.

Anyway, I hope that some of the flood victims saw that double rainbow tonight. I hope that it gives them a feeling that good things are coming, that it's not all that terrible, that tomorrow holds promise of a brighter day.

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