Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Another 12 hour day

Get out of bed EARLY to get ready for a 1st grade field trip to the zoo.
(Grandmas should be exempt from this but I promised a certain someone I'd go).
I thought at least I would get some cool photos.
This one, which is an awesome metal-of-some-kind sculpture, was shot from the car
(note: I was NOT driving with any juvies in the car, just my pregnant daughter)
Then I thought we should take a pic of Baby Bozo's first trip to the zoo.
I don't want to post any photos of the kids here for privacy reasons,
but I was able to get a few good ones of them.
Thankfully I didn't have the flip camera or all we would have heard was the
continuous shrieking of one little girl who thought she was constantly
seeing snakes.
This caused me to have to take two Excedrin's as soon as I got in the car.
We saw a lot of animals, but this one was my favorite of the day.
The Polar Bear. Isn't she (or he) beautiful?

Dropped off Baby Bozo's mom and was invited in for cake.

Actually, I was invited in to take a photo of the BABY CAKE one of her clients made for her.

Aren't those itty bitty pink Crocs the cutest little things? And those pink shades have an elactic band to hug little missy's head so she doesn't get all those nasty rays burning her eyes. The layers are made up of blankets, bath towels, diapers, washcloths, with all kinds of goodies tucked in each layer. A pretty pink bottle with a bow tops the whole thing.

Someone has too much time on their hands, but is darn creative!

So I get home - HOURS later - and check my email to find this.

The boy thinks WE need a vacation. He found this for (all) of us. A quaint little four bedroom beach house complete with built in pool (an extra $25/day will get the pool heater turned on), and a carriage house that can be used as a romantic getaway. Wasn't that thoughtful of him? I called and told him that his dad and I will take the carriage house and chip in $250 for the week. The rest of the family can have the house. Hey, it seemed fair to me. I'm wondering if he's going to fall for it.

But wait, that didn't end my day.

Someone needed to go to Barnes and Noble for a book that I promised. (I've got to pay closer attention around here when these people ask me for something). So off we went again. While I was sitting on the floor looking for age appropriate books my cell phone rings. Baby Bozo was hungry for ice cream. I didn't scream. I picked up two more of the clan, making it a full load in the car. I went to DQ and pulled up to a line of 12 cars ahead of me. I didn't scream. I parked and went in with the two little ones who couldn't make up their mind, and came out $20 later, with arms loaded with all kinds of gooey goodies. BTW - I do NOT like ice cream, so this was beginning to stretch me to my limit.

Finally, 12 hours after I left my house that morning I pulled into the garage.

I can't wait to go to work tomorrow for a little rest.

sorry for the novel......sometimes i can't stop myself.

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Anonymous said...

You forgot the Shannon Shop!!!! And the Kirkwood traffic!