Sunday, April 06, 2008

Spies Like Us

My little buddies are growing up.
They don't want to go to a playground to swing anymore.
However, if it is a Secret Spy Mission they are all over it.
Our mission today, to find the dognapped Murphy and rescue him.
Here we begin, Captain Grandma Pam giving secret information
to Agents Peyton and Chloe.
In the spy business, you've got to watch your partner's back.
(don't know why, but if I had to name this photo it would be
the Professor and Mary Ann - P is always so serious while C, well, is C)

After finding their first clue by the lake and decoding (it was sent in frog talk)
they found the old tree with a lot of lines in the trunk.
There they got their second clue.

Off to the tunnel of China (aka the playground slide).
Even though it's usually cut from movie scenes, spys have to take a break for nourishment. PBJ's and blueberries are a favorite energy meal.
After finding the dognapped Murphy, Agents Peyton and Chloe hopped on their super-secret plane and flew back to Missouri, in the United States.

(and this happens to be my fav photo of the day)
They were happy to report a successful mission to Captain Grandma Pam.

Over and out.


Sandra said...

Great shots. I enjoyed your blog today. I saw the link on ILP thought I'd take a look. Love the story lines.

Anonymous said...

How fun Pal! Loved this one.

Anonymous said...

What a fun day you must have had.
In your last picture I had to take a second look, I thought I was looking at Lindsey. Never realized how much the two of you look a like.
Chloe & Peyton are going to have wonderful memories because of you.

Rita said...

Holy cow they are getting big Pam! What great photos of those gorgeous kids!

Hope you haven't forgotten about me! LOL -- I think of you and wonder how you're doing, so I try to stop by your blog and say hello every now and again.

Sending hugs --