Friday, April 04, 2008

An old-fashioned treat

My grandma used to help us make these special donuts out of biscuit dough.
I'm sure her dough was made from scratch,
but this grandma likes the convienence of the canned biscuits.
You start with 2 cans of homestyle biscuits.
Lay them out on a cutting board and press them down just a little bit
with the palm of your hand.
Using a 1 1/2" circle cutter, cut a circle from the center of each biscuit.
From that circle you just cut out use the 1/2" circle cutter and cut that center out.
This will give you a large and small donut with a little bitty donut hole.
(I use a 3 piece set of Wilton Marzipan circle cutters).
Fill a skillet with about 2" of oil and heat to 325 degrees.
(This is the part for the adults to do and the kids to watch)
Drop each biscuit donut into the oil and let cook about a minute or two on each side.
Lay out on a paper towel to drain.
Have 2 brown paper lunch bags.
Fill one with a mixture of cinnamon and sugar.
The other you can fill with powdered sugar.
Place the drained, but still warm donuts (about 2 at a time)
in the bags and let the kids give them a shake.
WALAA! Look at these tasty treats! You can even use them as sugar-coated glasses if you'd like.
Hope you enjoy this special treat that Chloe wanted to share here tonight.
And go check this out. It made me smile.

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