Sunday, April 20, 2008

Happy Sunday

I love Sunday.
Today was a good one.
Did a photo shoot of D. to mark his 2nd year.
The photo below won't make the final cut,
but it sure had me laughing.
Little as he is he came down that big, red slide
knowing that he could trust his mommy and daddy to catch him.
But check out that little bit of caution.
Arms spread, feet trying to brace for a stop.
I just love it.
Here is one that I will be showing them.
I love this one too.
I did one more today, but can't show anything yet.
The dad set it up as a surprise for the mom,
but will show as soon as I can.
I loved them too.
But wait!
I didn't tell you about our SNL yet.
It was pretty uneventful,
we just hung out.
I loved that too.

My new friend, June, sent this today. It's a shot of the group I was with for Audrey Woulard's photo workshop last weekend in Chicago. What an inspiring group of inviduals! The talent this group has is incredible. See that big white carpet in the foreground? That was our one and only rule for the weekend. We couldn't walk on it with shoes on. By Sunday afternoon we were eating pizza on it.

Off to bed.

Another Happy Sunday over with.

Hope yours was as good as mine.


Monica said...

Hey Pam, great pictures!! I am a regular at your blog now. Keep up the great work!!

Donna Boucher said...

Hi Pam,

I love keeping up with you on your blog...I hope you don't mind if I forego the Wiki.....
It's a bit hard to juggle one more place to figure out. :o)
But I do want to keep in touch and I find going to blogs something that is already on my plate :o)

Your pictures are wonderful! And our group shot is really great!

I'm so happy to hear of your photoshoots!!!

You have the sweetest personality to go along with your photography skills! People will love you!

Carol said...

Haha! that a pizza sauce stain on the carpet?!?!