Saturday, April 19, 2008

Ready, set, BOUNCE

Spring is finally here.
The grass is a soft green carpet,
perfect for little girls to run barefoot.
Chloe loves to play with little P. in her backyard. This cutie (P's baby sister) is too little for the bouncey balls,
but she certainly is mobile and makes herself heard this year.

P. has the prettiest smile - it goes all the way to her eyes.

Okay - here they go.......

and rest.
I've been negligent in blogging since coming home from Chicago.
Just busy working on business stuff..............
like my new website!
It should be up and running within a week - if I can figure out all this html stuff.
(Again, I long for the days of film and plain old business cards).
This Saturday's adventure was going to be a moonlight hike at Klondike Park.
It's an old quarry that looks like a white, sandy beach - beautiful.
But, we have so much cloud coverage that we wouldn't be able to see
and I don't want to walk in the path of any little reptiles that
are out after dark. Maybe next month we'll get to go.


Carol said...

Can't wait to see your new website!!

Green Peas Photography said...

I love these Pam - what a great idea! The exposure of the youngest little girl is terrific - well done (Audrey rubbed off on you!) btw - what favourite tip???

Monica said...