Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Welcome to tonight's documentary.
I live 2 rivers and a canal away from my sister.
Here's what I endured on the trip home from a visit with her this evening.
Since I didn't have anything better to do while waiting in this traffic
I decided to document it.
Just for fun.

Here is the first part of the slow-down. Well preceeding the canal bridge.
I had to laugh at the speed limit 55, when I looked at my speedometer registering 5mph. Traffic as far as the eye can see.
This is typical for those of us who live in this area.
There is always roadwork going on.
Remember the flower incident from Joey & Abby's wedding?
This is the route that my poor sister took with all the fresh flowers.
It's been almost a year now and still no end in sight.

Finally over the canal bridge and look at all the traffic behind us.
Here's a news flash! A lane is closed!!!!!

This is the only sign I knew on my last driver's test. Merge.

And just in case you don't recognize that sign, here is some more direction - with a huge flashing arrow thrown in just for good measure.

At least I had the flooded farm land scenery to look at while I was watching my gas gauge go down......about $12 worth.
Here to the west I admired the beautiful sunset, wondering if I'd be watching the sun come UP before I made it across the next two rivers.
So this is what was sending my radar detector bleeping like crazy. Wonder how many speeding tickets he gave out this evening?
FINALLY! Mystery solved. One poor guy up there by the second truck with a jackhammer, repairing a chip in the concrete on the bridge - which I might add probably wasn't built with the thought it would be holding mega tons of cars at a single time.
I made it home, almost 2 hours later for what should have been a 45 minute drive.
At least I didn't get a speeding ticket.


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