Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Gone fishin'

To me there is nothing more relaxing that hanging out on a dock by the lake.
Some people find it relaxing to hang out on a dock by the lake while holding a pole with string and a worm attached. If you are at the right lake, the latter can bring on a bit of work.
I like to relax, so I just sat back in my chair and took photos of all the "work" involved in the other people's idea of relaxing.
Here we have Uncle Steve. He was quite relaxed until the two little ones wanted to fish with him. This involved giving up his chair, moving his pole to the other side of the dock to avoid any tangles with their lines, and hitting the deck when Chloe tried to cast by herself.
But he didn't seem to mind. Peyton hung out with him pretty much of the day.

Little ones do not like to bait their hooks. I don't blame them. I haven't touched a worm since 1972. Never again since then have I touched a worm. Not even for my precious grandkids.
They came up with a solution, at least Chloe and Bret did. Peyton watched them.
1. Tear off two pieces of plastic from a Target bag found under the seat in Grandma's car.
Wrap the pieces around the worm, creating a barrier between your skin and his (or hers).

2. Once you have gotten the point of the hook in, you must sit down and wrap it around the rest of the hook.

3. Success! See Grandma, that was easy and I didn't have to touch it once.

But now, the girls have to show the boy how it's done........time and time again.

We had a wonderful time at Uncle Rol and Aunt Elaine's last week.

Can't wait to go again.


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