Sunday, July 13, 2008

Fruits of the Harvest

Chloe loves to garden. This year, after being encouraged from her teacher in garden club at school, we planted a sister garden in a very small space (about 3' by 5'). I didn't know there was such a thing as "atomic" pumpkin seeds, but apparently we got a package.
Anyway Chloe was so excited tonight when she saw RED! Her first harvest! Two of the most perfect cherry tomatoes you ever wanted to see.
She was so proud of them. Grandpa got to be the taste tester.
Hoping that this will be the last maternity shot of Linz. Had to turn it to b&w because Jeff was going casual in a bright orange tee shirt and his Christmas jammie pants. Enjoy it while you can, dear son-in-law. The kids have been trying to teach him to "swaddle" a doll for practice. Chloe is exasperated. "He wraps it like a burrito!"
And this is it. The new little baby all snug as a bug.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Man!! Is that ever a "This girl needs a party" photo!
Good luck -- positive thoughts --
And tell Chloe that her tomatoes look GREAT!!