Saturday, July 12, 2008

Presley's Pad

No.....we don't have the actual baby yet so I thought I'd show you what this little girl's environment will be. Her dad actually thinks all the pink will put her into therapy later in life, but Linz has worked very hard on every single detail, bossed us all around with the tasks we've had assigned for this project, and spent hundreds of hours feathering this little nest.

Here is the best shot I got of the painted design on the walls. Yes - I said PAINTED. She lost track of the $ spent on blue low-tack tape after the 15th roll. Even the trim is faux. When I read down my list and saw that I was to paint a large monogram "P" I went straight to someone who made this beautiful script letter, 24" high, out of rub-on material. Notice the 20x20 print that she will see every morning and night? That wasn't in the original set of plans, but I see she put it up. This is the other side of the room. I am anxious to fill that long photo frame with shots of tiny fingers and toes! I purchased that Black Apple print for Linz before I even knew she was pregnant. It's titled "Little Lulu", Lindsay's nickname. How appropriate.
Glen gave this antique mirror to Lindsay for Christmas about 5 years ago. She painted the frame black and it looks very pretty in this room.
There isn't actually a hanging rod on the top here. Those clothes are packed so tightly they stand on their own. JUST KIDDING! Honestly, can you believe the wardrobe waiting for her?
I've pointed out one of my favorite pieces. :)

All ready for her first outing, home from the hospital. I wonder if it will be too big? That pink fluffy poodle in the corner is actually a blanket that Chloe picked out. Tomorrow Peyton and Chloe are going to the Siblings Class at the hospital. They also went to Build A Bear this week and made a special teddy for Presley - placing 2 hearts and a little recorded message inside. I was adamant that they weren't getting any accessories for this one, but I did break down for a little pink t-shirt.
So, baby girl, when do you think you'll get here? Do you think you will like pink? I sure hope so.



Anonymous said...

Oh My! What a blessed baby ... who will be cherished in a great room!

Anonymous said...

WOW!!!! How beautiful. You gals did an amazing job, your new lil P will surely feel all the love put into this. Pal, I am so glad you had the tummy touch print enlarged it was too perfect not to add. Love and prayers to all.

Anonymous said...

Like the Lincoln Bedroom in the Clinton Administration, Missy P might want to consider renting out her room for overnight guests and pocket the cash for college! If she considers this, please sign me up for a weekend! :>)
Love, Auntie Jo in KC

Candids by Courtney said...

Pam, that nursery is amazing!!!!!

We're having a girl too! I'm using that for inspiration!!!

The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

YAY!! I get to see the room! WOW, it's amazing!
What a great job. That painting took some serious patience.
Love the P above the bed.
(Sun Porch)