Thursday, June 26, 2008

To my future granddaughter

Dear little baby,
I am having this photo enlarged for your nursery so that every morning when you wake,
and every night when you lay your head down to sleep
it will be the image in your mind.
It will show you how loved and protected you will be,
not only by your mommy, daddy, and big brother,
but by all the other females in your family.
These are hands that will hold you,
feed you, give you a bath, brush your hair,
dress you up, put bandaids on ouchies,
push you in your stroller,
and pull you in your wagon.
These hands will teach you how to cook, color, clean, string beads,
peel candy wrappers, blow bubbles,
use a curling iron, plant flowers, make mud pies,
sew a coin purse, wash dishes (or throw away paper plates),
ice skate, and ride a bike.
These hands will be there when you are born,
they will watch over you as you grow.
They will hold your hand when you go off to kindergarten,
and clap for you when you graduate college.

But most importantly of all,
these hands will be there to love you.

Love Grandma Pam (who's hands will teach you to take photos)

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JoLynn said...

Oh my . . . what wonderful words to go with a wonderful photo. Thanks for the good kind of cry this morning! Love, PI's "Auntie" Jo from the other end of her long neighborhood street