Thursday, June 19, 2008


When God drew up the blueprint for this little boy he did some of his best work.
He is a unique piece of work.
Brains, sense of humor, creativity, big heart, loyalty, curiosity, an appetite for life, and brown eyes that shine.
Yes, he is one of a kind.
And on Monday he turned NINE!
He always comes up with a funny "finger" shot for his birthday for me to take a picture.
(using that creativity and big heart, knowing his Grandma gets a kick out of this)
Here is the shot for 2008, complete with the shark mask he picked out at our trip to the toy store. I still see a bit of his sweet little baby face showing through, but his darn hands are as big as mine! Oh, yes.....sense of humor.....the shark mask was to scare Uncle Joe when we went swimming at his house that evening for the birthday party. :) His mom and dad had a hard time keeping 9 candles lit with the summer breeze on the deck.
Aren't they a sweet little family? Pretty soon there will be four of them. Lindsay had been to the dr. that afternoon and things are starting to open up and move along. Everything looks real good. Baby has chubby cheeks and HAIR! That will be a first for our family, but Jeff said he had a ton of hair when he was born.
Here's my little buddy with his cookie cake, as requested.Amy was the first one out in her suit, so Joey assigned her the task of skimming and setting the vaccum. Pretty soon, Peyton and Chloe jumped in and that was the end of the cleaning!
That night, sitting on the deck I was thinking how grateful I was that everyone was together. Joey and Abby are such wonderful hosts and always open their home to welcome family. They make everyone feel so comfortable. I am very thankful for that. They are such great kids.
Happy Birthday to my #1 grandson.
You will always hold a very special place in my heart.
I love you.

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