Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Baby Drew

This little guy is one of our "folk", as Chloe says.
We went to play with him for a while tonight before
he moves away to Arizona.
His mamma tried to get me to be on her side,
to tell her family that it wasn't so bad that they were moving.

Sorry, Katie.
No can do.
I don't want to see him leave either.
We've come to love him just like the rest of
our extended family.
As you can see,
Aunt Abby and Uncle Joey
aren't going to side with you either.
Did I mention how cuddly he is?
I love to hold sweet little boy.
He just snuggles right up to you.

Maybe this mobile little guy will just keep you too busy to get any packing done.

Or'll just have to come back home


Good luck to you, Katie, as you head out for your new home.

We will miss you and your little buddy.

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