Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Ladies' Triathalon

OMG! Look girls! We have been invited to participate in the Ladies' in Pink Sponge Rollers Triathalon Scramble! After a brief discussion with her core group, Loydene decides it's a good idea.
She couldn't think of a better way to get her girlfriends on the exercise train that she's come to love.

Let the training begin!

First ......... a large bottle of a light wine. They will need the sugar rush to get them started.

Merry thinks it's a FAB idea! It even made her forget that she came to the wrong SDU.

Jo's enthusiasm got the rest of the ladies' to agree to participate.

Loydene felt that carbs would be a good idea for stamina. She passed the chock-full-of-carbs chocolate cake around, instructing everyone to take a bite to get the boost they would need.

After the strength test, it was decided that this group of four would make up the swim team. Looks like toting all that paper around has paid off.

The rest of the group was sent off to the bicycle portion of the tri. They led the pack on the challenging course as the fans all cheered them on.
Note: Due to technical difficulties, the marathon run cannot be shown here.
Afterwards, the award ceremony was held poolside. This was the group shot that AARP took for next month's cover. I overheard the banner would read "Amazing Ladies Share Diet Tips for Triathalon Stamina"
That's all.
nite to all my gal pals.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure you fell asleep before you were able to finish using the 'skinny' tool on the pictures. Actually, it might make me really sad to know how much tweaking already went on. LOVED the time with you. And miss you so much already. j

Anonymous said...

That's me!!! The skinny red rear in the biking picture!!

Love you ---- miss you ----


Anonymous said...

A priceless weekend with the greatest group of gals - bar-none! I've signed my model release, how 'bout the rest of you girls. Thanks for the fabulous memories. Got my pink sponge rollers and I'm ready to rock!