Tuesday, June 24, 2008

showered with love

On Sunday we all gathered at my lovely daughter-in-law's house to give Lindsay a baby shower.
Family, friends, and babies all came to celebrate and eat cake.
Abby and Joey really outdid themselves getting their home ready for the 30 some odd guests, not knowing if it could be held outside because of our unpredictable weather. So they moved furniture, set up chairs, tables, hung signs, streamers, made yummy food and tucked us all inside. My daughter-in-law did a wonderful job hosting this large event. She's a natural at it, but Joey gets a bit on edge. It's a good thing he has her to keep balance in his life. He is lucky. So are we! Thanks for everything, Abby!
Here's a group shot of the females in our family.
BFF's from grade school.....Lindsay is surrounded by her posse.

MY girlfriends. We raised our children together and are now grandmother's together.

What do these future babies have in common? Hopefully the love of football, as they sit with their dad's this coming season rooting for the Steelers and the Dolphins.
They will be kindred cousins.

My sisters. I can always count on them to help out with anything. And they do it with class.

Little Miss H charmed the crowd with her pretty blue eyes and sweet smile.

Here's one of the generation Y. Ellen brought her handsome little guy, Tyler. All you had to do was look at him and he'd laugh! He knows how to work the crowd.

Couldn't stop looking at these cute little baby toes! They are attached to my sweet baby Grace. The sun rises and sets on her in my mind.

And here's the lady that deserved a party! The mountain of gifts was a little overwhelming to her. This baby is going to have to change clothes 4 times a day the first 6 mos. of her life. I'm thinking there will be several fashion shows coming up here shortly. Stay tuned.
When Linz opened this gift from her sister, she commented how it looked like Aunt Amy. I love this shot of my daughters.
Grace got tired of watching someone else open gifts. She wanted some of those strawberries!
This baby is going to be loved and protected. Surrounded by her sisters and cousins, Lindsay finally let her tummy be touched.
And here we have the lovely Landolt girls. Haven't they grown up lovely?
I have about 80 more shots I could share, but this is probably enough for now.
Thanks to all who shared in this special day with us.
Now........all we need is a baby!

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