Friday, June 20, 2008

Child Labor

These two got to go to work at the store with me for an hour today.
They were excited and thought it would be fun.
I told them they had to alphabetize the magnetic letter tiles.
No problem........until they realized that there were over 500 tiles.

Notice one of them decided he could get rid of 6 letters easily by spelling his name on one of the magnetic strips?
Notice the other one wore her pearls and pink eye shadow to work?
Don't feel too sorry for them. Miss S. gave them each a dollar to go to Subway (in the strip) for a suicide soda and chocolate chip cookies.
They had fun, but were ready to leave when their hour was up.

Then I come home this evening to find Great Gram sitting in the dining room surrounded by pink tissue, wrapping paper, and more baby gifts than I will be able to get in the back of a pick up truck! She is so excited about our new baby who is due in a few weeks. The shower is on Sunday.
Tomorrow Glen is taking me for that ear piercing thing to quit smoking. I'm trying to suck down the last of my pack tonight. I hope this works. Wish me luck!

After that we are going to the Botanical Gardens. I should have some cool photos to share tomorrow.

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