Monday, June 23, 2008

Fun with Nothin'

Since I overslept on Monday morning, we got too late of a start for the Science Center.
The kids decided they wanted to go hiking and to the playground at Klondike Park.
We got as far as the lake when they started throwing pretzel pieces to the fishes.
They were swarming!

Chloe decided she was going to go fishing. She found an old hunk of seaweed and tied a pretzel to it. Dipping her bait into the water, the fish came to her like crazy.
After scavenging around the banks, she found two tiny lures and a ball of fishing twine. (why can't people clean up after themselves?)
Peyton came up with two long sticks to use as poles.
They stood there baiting their lures with pretzels, raspberries, crickets and a dragonfly (caught by grandpa). They had the very best time that day. Peyton, who is forever bored due to his high level of intelligence, said "It's pretty fun doing stuff with nothin'." I'll have to get that boy Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn to go into his summer reading agenda.
Of course we had to go to McDonald's for our fish burgers, but they tasted as good as if we had caught them ourselves.
What a fun, fun day.

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