Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Back in Time

Boy does this snow donut take me back. We had a shower of sleet yesterday that left an icy frosting on the ground, just perfect for doing donuts!
All of a sudden I was in the competition blue, fast-back Mustang Mach I, driving a-round, without a care in the world. Seventeen, sassy, in love, and not afraid of a little danger. Nothing at all like the responsible adult I am today. Older, caretaker, worrier, cautious, driving slowly in four wheel drive so I won't so much as slide an inch on the road.
I don't know what came over me, but all of a sudden I wanted to show Chloe what a snow donut was. Of course, I wasn't as wreckless as I used to be many years ago but never the less, there are just some things I think these little kids should know. She didn't want me to go too fast. She is cautious, but not afraid. She did think the pattern in the snow was cool and then wanted to know if I could make a "number 7".

No, Chloe, snow donuts are round. REAL snow donuts dont's have the tidy lines as this one does. REAL snow donuts have fishtail marks (a round of questions for that explanation).
REAL snow donuts are definetly in the past and will be kept there.
But it was fun for a brief moment today.

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Anonymous said...

You wild, wild woman!!!! Those peace signs have clearly gone to your head!!! (I'm secretly very proud and envious!)

Your belt AND suspenders friend,