Monday, February 25, 2008


I didn't feel like venturing far today for my daily photo, so I stayed in my backyard. Looking around on the deck, this struck me as funny. Do you think it might confuse the squirrels and birds as to what season this household thinks it is? I mean, we have beach chairs surrounded by a pile of fall leaves with the remains of this week's ice/snow slowly melting nearby. The backyard chores were definetly neglected this fall. Anyway, I thought I'd call this one "Three Seasons". Then peeking around the back corner of the house I saw my infant dogwood tree, bravely holding it's own through the last two winters of ice and snow. The poor hose stand was straining against the weight of the hose we didn't put away. What a pitiful sight.
I came in and pulled out my garden books. I have great plans for the backyard this year. In addition to "Wonderland" (the kid's special area) I am going to put my green gloves on and have a showplace out here this spring.
I'm ready for it.
Just looking at the seed catalogs and garden photos has a way of taking the gray right out of the day.
I promise I will post photos.
Now I am committed. (Maybe that should read "I should be committed.")

One more thing to look forward to beginning in March.
Cathy Z. has this great idea on her blog. I'm going to play along.

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