Sunday, February 10, 2008

What made you smile today?

If you answered, "Nothing made me smile today," then this should do it.

This is the sweet, cuddly baby I shared with you a few weeks ago. Little Nicholas was 4 months old yesterday. Calling him cute just doesn't cut it.

Peyton and Chloe got to meet him yesterday. They fell in love with him and asked me if his mom and dad could go somewhere so we could babysit him. I think I'll ask.

Had a wonderful weekend. Spent Saturday morning shooting photos, then went bumming all day with my mom, sister and my two little buddies. They LOVE eating shrimp at Joe's Crab Shack so I made them close their eyes in the car right before we got there to surprise them. They were so much fun this weekend. Sitting in church with them on either side of me this morning I thought that I was about the luckiest Grandma in the whole world to have these little bookends flanking me.

I have a lot to smile about.

I hope you do too.

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