Monday, February 18, 2008

The Plan to have Fun

Joey called me today. He told me to check my email because he was sending me some photos of the ski trip he & Abby along with her cousins, Jill and Lisa, went on last week. As I was looking at them I came across one that just cracked me up. Here it is: Joe the PLANNER. You see him there, holding that map on the slopes? No wrong turns for this guy! When they came home from their honeymoon he was telling us the schedule of their days...Abby added, "Only Joe & I would have a schedule on our honeymoon!"
Anyway, here are a couple more from (I think) Lisa's collection of photos.Joe & Abby looking good in their new ski jackets.
OH NO! He's got Abby in on a planning session!
Looks like all that map reading wore somebody out.
Jill and Lisa, kicked back and relaxed.
See Joe? This is what it looks like.

Glad you guys are back.

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