Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Hail Storm and Indulgence

We have been having the strangest weather here in the midwest. Yesterday it was so warm for February - up in the low 70's. Today it was gray, dreary, and cold. Out of nowhere this afternoon we had little pockets of hail storms. Of course I was parked in one of those pockets. When I left work at 4pm it looked like someone dumped a giant slushie on my car. These little ice pellets are strange. They don't melt very fast so they rode all the way home with me. I pulled into the garage and snapped this shot of what was left on my windshield.
It's been a wierd week for things on my windshield. Did I mention about the giant hawk on my car last Saturday? Apparently he was having lunch up there and my windshield was covered in (ick!) bird feathers!

Today is Fat Tuesday which is the day of indulgence. I have been waiting for this movie to come out on DVD and it made it's debut today. I got the last copy at Target tonight so I plan on staying up late, eating a big bag of peanut M&M's and watching this:

EDIT: This movie was really, really good! The singers had incredible voices! Thoroughly enjoyed watching this.

Tomorrow I will fast, reflect, and pray.
Tomorrow is the 11th anniversary of my dad's death.
After attending mass, I will go say some prayers at his graveside.
My dad read Bible stories to me and my sister. I owe a lot of my upbringing and Christian faith to him. He always made sure we knew right from wrong. He always led by example. He was a good man. I try to be like him and teach my kids to be like him.
Tomorrow I will say some prayers and remember my dad. I will try harder to be more like him.
That is my lenten promise.

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