Saturday, February 23, 2008

Birthday fun and SNL

Just a little collage of last night's celebration for Abby's birthday. She made Joey promise that she wouldn't have to wear the sombrero. As you can see we totally ignored her wishes. We wanted the free shot of tequilla!
We all had a great time. Little Drew was sooo good! We tried to bring him home with us for the night but his momma wasn't quite ready for that yet. Abby got some pretty diamond earrings from her hubby, but I think she really liked the giant chocolate bar that I got for her.
Chloe and Drew enjoying the celebration.
Tonight was project night. My pals found me hiding out in my craft room and made themselves cozy. After we got out the supplies that they needed they got to work making Samuri's. Where do their ideas come from? Here they are hard at work........
...and look at the masterpieces they created! Aren't they the best little artists?

Happy Birthday to Libby too! She turned 7 on Thursday.

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