Thursday, February 07, 2008

Recycled Love

Peyton and Chloe wanted to know why I save glass jars. I told them that they could be used for storing things. I remember my grandpa's homemade contraption with baby food jar lids nailed to this spinner thing and the jars would screw off to get whatever contents they held. I always liked playing with that thing. Today baby food comes in plastic containers. What fun is that?
This year I decided to put those jars to use for the Valentine's candy treats I give out. I think it looks real pretty in the glass jars. A little paint on those lids (waiting for a nice day to spray paint outside), some red silk ribbon and a few hearts.....they will be charming gifts. Besides it's the thought that counts and my little kiddies love candy and are really adamant about recycling and conserving energy. They will appreciate this. (I'm just hoping that the Snickers don't taste like pickles.) Above is the shot straight from the camera. Below is the shot tweeked in Photoshop with a vignette. Couldn't decide which I liked better.
Here is Chloe working hard on those Valentine's day cards she made. She has spent four evenings working on these and did them all by herself. Next comes the "mailbox". Will get that done this weekend.
What did YOU recycle today?

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