Monday, February 04, 2008

Lovely Gift

My kids and G surprised me with this Pandora bracelet for my birthday last month.
I had bought one for my mom when she was sick and they knew how much I liked it so they got this one for me. Today my friend, Sandy, came over and we went to get her some batteries for her baggie full of watches. While we were waiting I picked out a couple new charms.
Here's the story (if you care to know).
The cross represents my faith in God.
The mother-of-pearl hearts represents my love for my family.
The little doggie is for my dog, Murphy.
Beaded spacer I got for Abby because she filled a space in our family I didn't even realize was there.
Spiral snap clasp for Amy, because she is a whirlwind.
Cell phone, for Joey - whom I used to talk to daily.
Breast cancer charm, from my mom, because the purchase price is donated to research.
Little boy, for my pal, Peyton.
Silver puffy heart, from Glen.
Little girl, for my sugar bean, Chloe.
Starburst snap clasp for Lindsay, because she is always watching over all of us.
Hen - for the mamma who used to lead her little pack in a line like little chicks.
Harlequin is for Jeff. It is the strength he needs to keep up with Lindsay.
Sea Shell for my love of the ocean's calming effect on my soul.
Owl, from my dear friend, Sandy, represents our history.
Garnet is my birthstone and I love red.

I have always loved charm braclets but this is my favorite so far.
If anyone of my kids is reading this, you did real good with the bd gift this year.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I've also been busy setting up a website for the O'Fallon Photo Club, which I co-founded in 2003.
It's just in it's beginning stages, but if you'd like to take a look you can see it here.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome job on the Photo web site.