Monday, December 03, 2007

02 December JYC

This is my journal entry for day 2 of JYC. I really do love the snow, but along with it comes the worry about all my kids, Glen, and other family getting home from work when the roads are bad. And then there are all of those cancelled birthday parties when I was young. Having a birthday in January almost always means your party will be cancelled due to snow. One year, I was about 7 or 8, I remember being all dressed up waiting for my second-grade friends to arrive for my party. Looking out the front window at all the snow and hearing my mom answering call after call from mom's who said they couldn't get to the house I was getting a big lump in my throat. All of a sudden, my dad was out in the driveway, shoveling a path to get his car out. He went to all of my friend's homes, picked them up and brought them back for my party. I wish he was here now so I could really thank him for that. I'm sure I did that day, but it must have certainly meant a lot to me to have remembered it all these years. I think about that when it snows.


mary said...

ahhh, snow! love your layout - have to admit the ONLY time I miss snow (I grew up in Wyoming and New Jersey, so had a lot!) is Christmas.

blackcatmimi said...

I think your page is really lovely and your journaling as well. Sounds like something I would say about the contrast of the birds against the whiteness of the snow! I also really enjoyed reading your childhood memory about your Dad. How awesome he did that to make your birthday special. Thank you for sharing!

x Marja

Nancyroo said...

adorable! i love that picture!