Sunday, December 30, 2007

more of the JYC

This one for Christmas day also includes a facing page of the photo collage I shared earlier this week. The little circles that make up the tree have each person's name and a special gift they received. Went to Joey and Abby's for dinner on the day after Christmas. That daughter in law of mine was impressive! She worked all day, came home and threw together a lasagne dinner for eight and it was GOOD. Her mom, dad, sister, and baby nephew were there with us. Very nice evening! Haven't seen her parents since the wedding and it was nice visiting with them. They are wonderful people.
This was about relaxing after the holidays. I had to wait until Friday, but it was SWEET!
Just a list of weaknesses I have during the month of December. I didn't have space for them all, but here is a list of a few. Most importantly I left off how much I love Christmas music!
This was a filler. Owner's choice. I chose to include this photo of my jar full of old ornaments that were my grandmother's and mine when I was little. My mom started writing our names on plain glass balls with the year, in glitter, when we were young. Don't know if she stopped that in the 70's or if I'm missing a couple boxes. Anyway, it reminds me of the wonderful Christmases of my childhood. I hope that my kids and grandkids will have an ornament jar of their own someday, and remember good Christmases from their own childhood.

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