Tuesday, December 18, 2007

So far......BEHIND!

I made the mistake of telling Glen that my schedule was so tight that I couldn't fit a piece of paper in. You can only imagine how far he's taken that one. This morning I was so crabby because I had a ton of things to do and ended up doing for others, putting my own list down. Finally got to get started at 3:30 this afternoon and pulled in the garage at 8pm tonight, hauling a load of packages and dumping them in our new storage area that we used to call the "dining room". (But I AM FINISHED SHOPPING!) Tomorrow I will take a photo in there just in case I would forget someday how crazy this holiday has been. No organization whatsoever. I was so tired of climbing around these two lounge chairs that I gave them as an early gift to my two pals. They thought they were something else, sitting in those chairs, feet up, asking for a snack and a movie. LOL! (btw - that white thing next to Chloe is the two pieces of back brace that my poor mother has had to wear for the past two months). Then the little kiddies asked me for the camera. I gave them the point & shoot. Here's what I found (at least what I would share) when I downloaded the card...........Grandpa's favorite snack
and Peyton, up close and very personal.
I had to play catch up on my JYC album tonight. I did days 12 thru 16 but am only sharing two for tonight because I'm too dang tired and just took my insomnia buster pill. I've got about 14 minutes until drop time. This one is about Memories of Christmas Past. I raided my mother's Christmas scrapbook (bless her for those 5 totes of scrapbooks she came with) and nabbed this photo of my sister and I from a long-ago Christmas morning. I can still remember those candy-cane striped nightgowns. I think we had the same kind each year. Look at all the tinsel on that tree! My mom really went all out for Christmas. She even made Christmas curtains for the kitchen. Even though my parents didn't have a lot of money we never knew it on Christmas. It was always wonderful for us.
Day 13 was how we delivered and opened our presents. We don't have any set rules for this, but stack them by the recipient and watch them all at once tear into the packages. Glen and I always open last because we like watching the kids. Glen's dad always had a name drawing and we would watch that person open everything then go on to the next. We still did that until a few years ago. Now it's kind of youngest kids first, then the older people take turns. With twenty plus of us it would take 12 hours to do it the traditional way. He sure did like watching us do that though. I always miss my father in law at Christmas.
Times up. Will share the other pages tomorrow unless I'm baking cookies.

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Gayla said...

I'm pretty sure I had the pj version of your gown! Ah, the memories of Christmas past!